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Do you need to replace your Diamond Plate Door?

We have been serving the Continental United States and manufacturing our products in the U.S.A. since 1963! We install Steelway aluminum sidewalk doors to offer you a new entry point into your home or business.

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3/16: Diamond Plate Door Panels, 1/4” Angle Iron Frame, All Welded Seams Ground Smooth, Primer and Finish Coat of Paint, Additional Locking and Safety Options


STEELWAY uses 1/2” x 1“ bar stock with a 3/8” hinge pin for rugged durability even in the most demanding commercial applications.


Our strong 3” x 3” x 1/4” angle iron frame is welded to our exact dimensions and all the seams are ground smooth for the correct fit and a professional finish that will last for decades.


ALL STEELWAY Diamond Plate Doors have a solid smooth steel handle on the right door for easy pull up and no maintenance. We use our recessed Steelway handle whenever possible.

Padlock Tabs

Keeping your access secure is as easy as specifying where you want your padlock tabs. Just tell your salesperson what your locking needs are and we will solve your problem.

Rebar Studs

If this is new construction, we can weld #4 rebar studs under the frame to make the unit is permanently secure.

Standard Sizes

We understand that not all diamond plate doors have to be custom made so we have introduced a line of Standard sidewalk doors all designed to fit Standard openings or as a quick solution when you are pouring new sidewalks. All our standard doors support 300lb/s.f. live load and are in stock ready for same day shipping.

Outside Width Outside Length Concrete Opening Dimensions Door Opening Dimensions
53 1/4″ 53 1/4″ 48″ W x 48″ L 47 1/4″ W x 47 1/4″ L
53 1/4″ 65 1/4″ 48″ W x 60″ L 47 1/4″ W x 59 1/4″ L

All doors are prime coated with one finish coat of black paint. The frame lays flat on all four sides and can have 4″ rebar studs welded to the frame if the door is to be poured-in-place ($30.00 additional).

Specification Sheet


Sidewalk door shall be a steel door manufactured by Steelway Cellar Doors LTD, King of Prussia, PA. Door panels will be fabricated of 3/16: diamond plate steel designed and reinforced to support a 300 lb/sf live load with a maximum deflection of 1/150th of span. The frame will be of 3” x 3” x 1/4” angle iron with all seams welded and ground smooth.

Doors will open past vertical and rest on the frame. The right door panel will have a steel handle made from 3/8 round bar stock. The entire assembly will be primed with a shop primer and have one coat of oil based black paint.


  • Inside or outside padlock tabs (specify location)
  • Flange turned up at one end to provide anchor point at building
  • Use of 3” x 4” x 1/4” angle iron frame
  • Hold open rod
  • Safety chain in front of opening



Fits 48″x48″ opening – outside length and width are 53.25″

$1453 + S&H
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Fits 48″ x 60″ opening – outside dimensions 53.25″ X 65.25″

$1565 + S&H
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Any Size Up To 54″ Wide x 54″ Long

$1465 + S&H
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Any Size Up To 66″ Wide x 66″ Long

$1665 + S&H
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Any Size Larger, Please Call for a Quote

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Inside or Outside Padlock Tabs

$55.00 extra Rebar Studs – $65.00 extra Safety Chain – $95.00 extra
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Steelway Cellar Doors has been making custom steel cellar doors and pre-fabricated steel cellar entrances since 1963.

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