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New Sidewalk poured, and Angle Cellar door installed in Ewing, NJ

The property owner in Ewing, NJ called Steelway when they decided it was time to replace this old cellar door and the sidewalk around it. One of our sales representatives went out to take measurements for us to fabricate the custom angle door in our King of Prussia plant. In the meantime, our concrete crew went out to demo the old sidewalk, cellar door, and foundation. The forms were set in place and the concrete was poured. After the concrete and sidewalk had time to harden, our crew went back out and installed the stairs and the newly fabricated angle cellar door. Great job guys!

Do you have any concrete that needs to be redone or refreshed? Call us for an estimate!


Changing current egress’ direction in Devon, PA

This Home in Devon, PA had a regular egress you come out your door and walk up the stairs but wanted to change the direction of that egress. We had to first remove the old cellar door, demo the old stairs, cut the driveway, excavate along the house and driveway, form and pour new concrete steps, landing, and walls, measure and manufacture the new custom cellar door, install new cellar door, and finally patch the driveway.  The project took about 2 weeks to complete.


Adding a walk out in Center Valley, PA.

We recently did a big job up in Center Valley, PA.  The homeowner wanted to create a basement walk out.  We had a sales representative go out to assess the area they wanted to add the walk out to.  After talking to our concrete division, we scheduled the job and got to work!  A walk out is done over the course of several days.  The area is excavated, forms are set, concrete is poured, more forms are set, and more concrete is poured, inspections are done in between, and drainage is also added in.  Our experienced concrete division does an amazing job with each step, and the end result shows it!


Removal of a patio, sidewalk, and replacing a cellar unit in Collegeville, PA

In Collegeville, PA this homeowner wanted not only to replace their old cellar door, but to demo their patio and sidewalk as well. Our guys were up for some destruction! On day 1, the crew went out and demolished the patio and sidewalk, breaking it all up with the heavy equipment and machinery, and removing from the yard. Day 2 was the removal and install of a new 93″ basement egress unit. It’s a messy job, but someone had to do it, why not Steelway?!

68” basement egress unit added in Union dale, PA

Way out in Union Dale, PA this homeowner called Steelway to add an egress to their basement. After determining the size unit needed, one of our crews took that long drive out, excavated the area, cut into the foundation with a water-cooled track saw, and installed a 68″ precast concrete unit with steel top. Long day for the guys, but well worth the effort!

Installing a basement egress in Perkasie, PA

This homeowner wanted to add an entrance to their basement.  Steelway was happy to provide them with a safe exit!  We excavated, cut into foundation, and installed a pre-cast concrete basement egress.  All in just 1 day!

Adding a Basement Egress in West Chester, PA

This homeowner in West Chester, PA decided to call Steelway when they wanted to add an entrance to their basement. We sent out one of our experienced sales representatives to assess the area and take some measurements, so we know what size unit. On the day of install, our crew arrives early, excavates, and makes the cut into the foundation for this 68″ precast concrete stair unit with angle cellar top. Once the unit is in place, we backfill around it. Are you thinking about adding an Egress to your basement? Give us a call!

Installing a Basement Egress in Harleysville, PA

This homeowner in Harleysville, PA called Steelway when they decided they wanted to add an egress into their basement. One of our sales representatives went out to assess the area and take measurements so we could determine what size unit would work for this specific home. Once Steelway received the permit from the township and Pa One Call went out and marked the area, one of our crews went out, excavated, cut into the foundation, and installed a 68″ precast concrete basement egress with galvanized steel angle cellar door. The installation is all done in 1 day! Great job guys!