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Durable Sidewalk Doors

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We have been serving the Continental United States and manufacturing our products in the U.S.A. since 1963! We install Steelway aluminum sidewalk doors to offer you a new entry point into your home or business.

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Aluminum cover and extruded aluminum frame for durability and rust-resistance.


Diamond-pattern tread plate is reinforced for a pedestrian load rating of 300 lbs./s.f.


Extruded aluminum channel frame with anchor flanges around the perimeter. A ½" (38 mm) PVC drain coupling is attached to the drip channel frame for a pipe connection to a dry well or disposal system. Gasket in frame for water resistance. Features standard 4" deep frames for fast and trouble free installation.


Heavy-duty type 304 stainless steel hinges.


Comes standard with a type 316 stainless steel slam lock with fixed interior handle and removable exterior turn/lift handle. Latch release is protected by a flush, gasketed, removable screw plug.

Lift Assistance

Stainless steel spring assist on some models (compression gas spring optional.) Aluminum hold-open arm automatically locks cover in the open position. Some assembly is required.


Mill finish aluminum with an electrolytic barrier applied to the exterior of the frame.


Type 304 stainless steel throughout (except where noted.)

Custom Design

Customize your sidewalk door

As an added bonus, we offer several options to select from so that your sidewalk door will meet your exact needs. From slab thickness to insulation options, you make it your own. View our watertight door parts guide to learn more, including which models feature spring lift assist.

We also offer aluminum watertight pedestrian loading doors in an anodized finish. Choose from three lock options, including staples for padlocks, recessed hasps for padlocks, pentahead bolt-downs.

Options available include frame extensions (skirts) to meet:

  • Slab thickness
  • Fall protection gratings
  • Insulation
  • Safety chains and posts

Additional Safety Features

Steelway aluminum sidewalk doors are:

Recessed Handles

We install our recessed sidewalk door handles whenever possible to prevent tripping hazards and achieve a sleek look.

Safety Chains

We install safety chains inside of our sidewalk doors to prevent people, animal, or objects from falling in. This is necessary if you intend on using your sidewalk doors for ventilation.

Rebar Studs

In new constructions, we can provide extra support by welding #4 rebar studs into the frame.

Padlock Tabs

Show our expert installers where you want your padlocks to go and they will place the tabs accordingly.

Benefits of sidewalk door installation by Steelway Cellar Doors

Steelway aluminum sidewalk doors provide light and access to enhance basement living! Sidewalk doors offer another convenient entrance to your home with all the security and safety of a front door. We even install egress windows to protect your home at this entrypoint.

Steelway Cellar Doors uses laser manufacturing to create the reliable diamond plate sidewalk doors that customers trust. Laser technology allows for more precise measurements and a snug fit, giving you peace of mind. And of course, we can replace that old cellar door!

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